Sections: Registration & Referrals (Fall 2020 EMRG-1615-OL001)

Emergency Management 1615-OL001 Registration & Referrals
Registration and Referrals describes the process for registering evacuees and for providing them with referrals for food, clothing, and lodging. It also covers basic interviewing skills. The course includes completion of the ESS File (Registration and Service Record) and Referral forms. <br /> <br /> The Registration and Referrals course is now being offered online with a self-guided online component in the week prior to course and then a live virtual session for 3 hours on the date of the course. The live virtual element runs from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on the date of the course. Students must have access to a computer with microphone and a reliable high-speed internet connection.

Section Code: EMRG-1615-OL001
Department: Emergency Management
Complete EMRG-1610;

Course Type: Delivery: Online
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