Courses: Bachelor of Emergency & Security Management Studies Capstone

Course Details:
In the BESMS capstone project, students apply and synthesize emergency management and security theory, concepts, and principles learned throughout their undergraduate studies. Students select an area of interest related to their studies and engage in activity leading to a research or applied project. The course culminates with a capstone paper. (Formerly ESM490)

Course Code: ESMS-4900
Department: Emergency Management
BUSN-1100, BUSN-1101, CRES-1851, ENGL-1100, ESMS-1100, ESMS-1200, ESMS-1300, ESMS-1400, FIRE-2145, STAT-1100, ENGL-1110, ESMS-2210, ESMS-2300, ESMS-2310, ESMS-2340, ESMS-2400, ESMS-2450, ESMS-2500, ETHS-1100, RESM-2100, ESMS-3110, ESMS-3210, ESMS-3330, ESMS-3360, ESMS-3420 INTL-3410, ESMS-4200, ESMS-4220, ESMS-4250, ESMS-4300, ESMS-4310, ESMS-4340, ESMS-4410, ESMS-4420, ESMS-4500, BUSN-3110 or FIRE-2130, ABLS-1115 or FIRE-2125, and 6 credits of liberal studies
Course Offerings: