Courses: Organized Avalanche Response Team Member

Course Details:
This course provides participants with the skills necessary to safely respond to avalanche incidents as part of an inter-agency team in potentially unstable terrain. This blended course is delivered via online introductory modules followed by a face to face classroom and field portion. The focus of the course is on organized avalanche search and rescue techniques such as wanding, probing, searching and shoveling. The course also touches on aspects of higher ICS functions in OAR operations, group safety measures, specialized equipment used in avalanche response and on post-rescue duties. The course is intended for SAR volunteers who will respond in potentially unstable terrain. (Formerly SAR151)

Course Code: EMRG-1751
Department: Emergency Management
Complete EMRG-1750 or The Canadian Avalanche Association Avalanche Skills Training Level1 (AST1).
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