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Acquire the skills and knowledge required of an Information Officer working at an emergency site or at a site support facility. Learn how to write key messages and media releases; communicate effectively with the public, media, and internal stakeholders; and utilize a variety of communication media.(Formerly EM186) COURSE FORMAT: This interactive 14-hour course is available online or in a classroom-based format. It features applied scenarios and activities, and includes an exam. ONLINE: Our guided online format offers you the flexibility of a part-time course, while providing you with the opportunity to interact with and learn from your peers. You will be able to work at your own pace in order to meet the weekly course requirements. Students should be prepared to spend approximately 3.5 hours a week on this course. NOTE: An email address is required for students taking online courses. Students will receive their login instructions by email shortly after completing the registration process. If an email is not received, please contact the registration office at, 604-528-5590 or 1-877-528-5591. Students must complete the course -- including the discussion boards, exercises, and exam - prior to the class end date. CLASSROOM-BASED: In addition to the scheduled public offerings, this course is available to organizations on a contract basis. For more information, contact the program manager at 604-528-5563. OTHER INFO: All course materials will be provided and no special equipment is required. Please note that all Emergency Management Division courses require 100% attendance. This course meets the standards set by NFPA 1035, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire and Life Safety Educator, Public Information Officer, and Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Specialist, Chapter 8 Public Information Officer.

Course Code: EMRG-1334
Department: Emergency Management
EMRG-1200 or EMRG-1220 or EMRG-1230 or EMRG-1240 or EMRG-1320
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