Courses: Introduction to Disaster Psychosocial Services

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Explore the field of disaster mental health! This course consists of a series of eight 30-minute modules which have been prepared and narrated by mental health professionals to introduce the field of disaster mental health to licensed mental health professionals interested in disaster response. Modules 2 through 7 were developed and narrated by the North Carolina Disaster Response Network (NC DRN), along with the North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the first and last modules were adapted, revised, and narrated by the British Columbia Disaster Psychosocial Services (DPS) to address disaster response in BC. (Formerly HEM132).

This course is now being hosted by Health Emergency Management British Columbia (HEMBC) on the LearningHub e-learning site.

To access the course, please go to and search DPS or course code 6697.

Course Code: EMRG-1161
Department: Emergency Management
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