Courses: Coached Small Group Clinic

Course Details:
This course has pre-requisites, please confirm that you have taken the required courses before registering for this class. Students who register without meeting these requirements will be withdrawn from the course. Because practice is the most critical factor in gaining competence and confidence in collaborative conflict resolution, this course provides a full day of role-play. You choose what you want to work on: interpersonal conflict resolution, dealing with anger, mediation or negotiation. This course is especially helpful for those returning to the certificate program or taking courses after an absence, to those who want a skills check, to those who need it to meet the attendance and participation requirements of another course for credit, and to those who want to focus on skill development in a particular area.

Course Code: CRES-1475
Department: Centre for Conflict Resolution
CRES-1100 or CRES-1101
Course Offerings: