Courses: Identifying Control & Abuse in Pre-Mediation

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This course has pre-requisites, please confirm that you have taken the required courses before registering for this class. Students who register without meeting these requirements will be withdrawn from the course. In this two-day course, you will look at patterns of control that lead to abuse, discuss the reality of control in any relationship and what that means to a "fair" negotiated settlement and develop screening tools for a variety of pre-mediation applications. Forms of control that lead to coercion and abuse are sometimes overt, sometimes subtle. Played out in a mediation setting, the mediator can unwittingly assist in the continuance of that abuse. The standards of practice for many professional mediation organizations require screening prior to joint meetings. You will have opportunities for in-depth practice of the screening tool. Instructor: Ron Monk

Course Code: CRES-1474
Department: Centre for Conflict Resolution
CRES-1170, CRES-1180, and CRES-1190
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