Courses: Separate Meetings: Pre-Mediation & Caucusing

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This course has pre-requisites, please confirm that you have taken the required courses before registering for this class. Students who register without meeting these requirements will be withdrawn from the course. In this course, you will learn to recognize when, how and under what circumstances it is appropriate to meet separately with the parties. Mediators may meet separately with the parties in a pre-mediation format or caucus with them during the joint session or between joint sessions. These meetings and related conversations are key components of the mediation process, and they present their own set of challenges and strategies. The mediator should conduct these meetings efficiently and productively while ensuring balance, trust and impartiality. You will practice pre-mediation and joint session caucusing in role-play simulations with the support and assistance of skill coaches.

Course Code: CRES-1409
Department: Centre for Conflict Resolution
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