Courses: Shifting from Positions to Interests

Course Details:
This course has pre-requisites, please confirm that you have taken the required courses before registering for this class. Students who register without meeting these requirements will be withdrawn from the course. This course is designed to help you reach positive outcomes through a deeper exploration of positions, interests and issues. People adopt positions without fully understanding their own interests or the interests of others. Instead people will offer solutions as a means to resolve the dispute. Working towards interest-based resolutions requires skill in clarifying and understanding the wants, needs, concerns and fears that support the opposing positions. The focus of this course will be taught from an interpersonal perspective. You will enhance skills aimed at eliciting underlying interests, illuminating blocks, establishing positive outcomes and generating a wider range of choices.

Course Code: CRES-1402
Department: Centre for Conflict Resolution
CRES-1170 or CRES-1180
Course Offerings: