Courses: Mediation Skills 2

Course Details:
This course has pre-requisites, please confirm that you have taken the required courses before registering for this class. Students who register without meeting these requirements will be withdrawn from the course. Building on the mediation process and skills learned in Mediation Skills Level I, this course moves to more challenging, complex and emotionally charged situations. Skills, theory and techniques include framing and tracking issues, probing for and clarifying interests, addressing power dynamics and adapting the mediation process to meet the needs of participants. You will discuss the development of a personal mediating style, legal and ethical issues in the mediation field, and caucusing. Emphasis is on skill development through simulated mediations, with assistance and feedback from trained coaches. A flash drive will be provided for you to record your role-play on the final day of the course.

Course Code: CRES-1280
Department: Centre for Conflict Resolution
CRES-1170, CRES-1180, and CRES-1190
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