Courses: Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement & Investigative Skills 1

Course Details:
Course delivery: The first 6 weeks of the course will be online followed by a 1 week break followed by 3 days face to face learning on campus. This course is designed for new and experienced British Columbia bylaw officers as well as those considering a career in the field. The course provides the fundamental knowledge and skills required to function effectively in the role of a local government bylaw officer in British Columbia. You will examine relevant legislation, as well as the legal authority, powers, and duties of a bylaw officer. Various compliance and enforcement measures/options will be explored, including issues surrounding interpretation of bylaws. Attributes and qualities of an effective investigator will be discussed by analyzing the fundamental issues and challenges associated with conducting investigations including evidence collection, documentation, and presentation of evidence in legal and non-legal proceedings. Emphasis is placed on developing skills and knowledge to enhance your ability to defuse emotionally charged situations and to manage your own personal safety and the safety of others. To guide your approach towards and involvement with the public, you will gain a better understanding of issues connected to diversity, mental health, and homelessness. The course uses a blend of online learning and in-class delivery. (FormerlyBYLAW101)

Course Code: BLAW-1000
Department: Centre for Couns/Comm Safety
Course Offerings: