Courses: Workplace Based Practicum

Course Details:
The focus of the practicum is the application of the skills and knowledge acquired in the first year of the program. The first year focuses on leadership and management development, ethics and mentoring practices. This practicum will require the learners to integrate their newly acquired skills to support personal and professional growth. Learners will be required to document and illustrate their learning. In consultation with the Program Director, a skills/knowledge grid will be developed at the onset of the practicum. The learner will document his/her application of the skills and knowledge on the grid. This grid will be used as one of the evaluative components of the practicum. Learners are responsible for obtaining a mentor and practicum placement. Learners may elect to complete the 42 hour practicum either in their current or an alternative work environment. (Formerly ABLD150)

Course Code: ABLS-1150
Department: Centre for Abor Programs/Servi
ABLS-1110 and ABLS-1111 and ABLS-1112 and ABLS-1113 and ABLS-1114 and ABLS-1115 and ABLS-1116 and ABLS-1117 and ABLS-1118
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