Courses: Philosophy, Values and Ethics of Aboriginal Leadership

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This course will provide an introduction to the philosophy, values and ethics of leadership in Aboriginal contexts. Learners will explore both traditional and contemporary Aboriginal philosophies of leadership, the moral qualities leaders need to bring to their practice, the ethical challenges that often arise for leaders, what it means to identify oneself as a leader, as well as the unique moral challenges within a multicultural setting. Learners will gain awareness into the impact various aspects of morality can have on leadership, they will analyze ethical concepts and issues while formulating and presenting their own positions. Learns will discover how moral judgments made as a leader, may conflict with those made as a private citizen. How to balance the interests of constituents, individuals and the larger community will be explored. (Formerly ABLD110)

Course Code: ABLS-1110
Department: Centre for Abor Programs/Servi
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