Courses: STATIC-99R: Sex Offender Risk Assessmen

Course Details:
The STATIC-99R was developed by R. Karl Hanson, PhD, and David Thornton, PhD. Dr. Hanson delivers this online training to you using videotaped segments, and he is joined by Dr. Karl M. Williams, one of the certified trainers for STATIC-99R. An online moderator experienced with sex offender risk assessments also helps guide you through the course. In this online course, participants learn how to score and interpret the STATIC-99R risk assessment scale with adult male sexual offenders. The STATIC-99R contains ten (10) items, which can be combined to give group estimates of the probability of sexual and violent recidivism. The STATIC-99R is widely applicable and can be scored using easily retrieved demographic and criminal history information. This is a 21-hour online course, designed to be completed part-time over five weeks. All materials and resources are provided electronically. Evaluative components for this training include completion of case studies, participation in online discussions and a final graded exam.(Formerly SOAP105)

Course Code: CORR-1200
Department: Corrections & Community Justic
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