Courses: Introduction to Polyvagal Theory: Basics Of Practice

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The learner will gain an understanding of the organizing principles of Polyvagal Theory and apply these principles to understanding how the autonomic nervous system impacts the therapeutic relationship and the clinical process. We will explore how to map autonomic states and state shifts, how to work with autonomic cues of danger, and experiment with co- and self-regulating interventions to increase the capacity for maintaining a ventral vagal state.

This introductory course is appropriate for clinicians in all areas of the helping professions. The teaching modalities include didactic materials, dyadic experiential exercises, and role plays.

Learners have the option to complete the first two days of SEVE-1100 on July 14-15, 2020 or complete the full four days on Polyvagal Practice, course code: SEVE-1101. Participants will receive a reduced tuition rate if registering for all four days.

Course Code: SEVE-1100
Department: Centre for Couns/Comm Safety
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