Courses: Somatic Work With Complex Trauma

Course Details:
This course introduces the foundational principles and practices of somatic work and builds on the previous relational and neurobiological information presented in COUNS 5200 and 5202. The focus of this practical and highly participatory course is on exploring the relationally-interactive regulation of affect. Development of skills to support containment, orienting, defensive orienting responses, and somatic resourcing will support client's increased felt sense of personal stability and relational safety. The learner will further understand how somatic narratives reflect expressions of complex trauma as well as how somatically-attuned practice can generate attachment relational repair. Exploration of the relevance and transferability of this work to diverse populations will be explored. Child and youth material is integrated throughout the course.

Course Code: COUN-5208
Department: Centre for Couns/Comm Safety
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