Courses: Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy

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Synergetic Play TherapyT (2008) is a researched-informed model of play therapy blending the therapeutic power of play with nervous system regulation, interpersonal neurobiology, physics, attachment, mindfulness, and therapist authenticity. In this course the learner will come to know how Synergetic Play Therapy (SPT) was inspired, the principles directing SPT, and the main play therapy influences. The course consists of 3 days face to face instruction. Learners will also be provided with 3 hours of consultation upon course completion (six, 30 minute clinical consultations). Through a variety of mediums, role plays, and hands on activities, the learner will come to understand how the therapist can better access (their/his/her) authentic self to deepen the child's therapeutic process. The interplay of neurobiology and the link between nervous systems, attachment theory and regulation will also be demonstrated.

Course Code: COUN-3160
Department: Centre for Couns/Comm Safety
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