Courses: Play Therapy 2: the Therapeutic Power of Play

Course Details:
This course builds on Play Therapy 1. Learners will gain an understanding of how to effectively recommend play therapy to caregivers, how to conduct play therapy sessions, and how to recognize themes in play therapy. Through five teaching modalities; didactic material, video demonstrations, live demonstrations, case studies, and experiential role-plays; the learner will experience how to adapt play therapy for young children and adolescents, and how to overcome resistance and manage aggression in the playroom. This course is for mental health therapists, psychologists, clinical social workers, family therapists, school counsellors, and child care workers working with children between 3-17 years old. This course is not a part of the Certificate in Expressive Play Therapy.

Course Code: COUN-3145
Department: Centre for Couns/Comm Safety
Course Offerings: