Courses: Search and Rescue Rope Rescue Technician 1

Course Details:
Search and Rescue (SAR) Rope Rescue Technician 1 is the second of several provincial training courses designed to prepare SAR volunteers to perform rope rescue operations in wildland situations. This course follows the Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC) established curriculum as outlined in EMBC SAR Rope Rescue Manual Section 2: Rope Rescue Technician 1. The course will review the basic physics of Force Limiting Systems, selection of anchors, building and operating Dual Capability Two Tensioned Rope (DCTTR) Systems, edge management and subject packaging. Through demonstration, self-study and hands-on practice, students will be equipped to help build, operate and participate in DCTTRS and rope rescue.

Course Code: EMRG-1736
Department: Emergency Management
Complete EMRG-1735
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