Courses: Search and Rescue Rope Rescue Awareness

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Search and Rescue (SAR) Rope Rescue Awareness is the first of several provincial training courses designed to prepare SAR volunteers to perform rope rescue operations in wildland situations. This course follows the Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC) established curriculum as outlined in EMBC SAR Rope Rescue Manual Section 1: Rope Rescue Awareness. The course will review introductory aspects of the wildland rope rescue structure, system and organization in British Columbia as well topics such as core principles, roles and responsibilities, planning considerations, site assessments, and equipment considerations. IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration in this course is ONLY open to ACTIVE Search and Rescue volunteers who are members of Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC) recognized SAR Groups. If you are NOT part of a recognized SAR Group in British Columbia, please contact for information on accessing this course content.

Course Code: EMRG-1735
Department: Emergency Management
EMRG-1700 or EMRG-1704
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