Courses: EMS Diploma Capstone Project

Course Details:
HLSC-2299 is the final course in the Diploma in Health Sciences (EMS) program. As the capstone (culminating experience) course, it provides learners opportunity to integrate and apply the skills, knowledge, concepts, and principles that they developed throughout the program. Learners explore a topical issue in emergency medical services (EMS) through research, analysis, and evaluation under the guidance of the course instructor. They develop an outline and project plan, conduct a review of relevant literature, apply relevant methodology, interpret information, and develop and present their conclusions in a formal report or paper. The instructor will provide supervision, support, and mentorship through the course.

Course Code: HLSC-2299
Department: Centre for Prof Health Ed
BIOL-2203, HLSC-2214, HLSC-2215, HLSC-2216, ENGL-1100, ETHS-1100, RESM-2100, STAT-1100, PSYC-1100, and CRES-1150
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