Courses: Mental Health on the Front Line: Awareness and Resilience

Course Details:
Learners will be introduced to a broad range of topics and issues related to mental health in the context of their work on the front line, such as those in a first responder role. Information, values and skills essential to working competently and ethically with mental health issues will be highlighted and experientially practiced. The lens will be twofold: to increase awareness and competency in working with "clients" experiencing mental health issues and to examine the impact of first responder work on their own mental health and wellness. Learners will focus on self-awareness and reflection while embracing the values of diversity and common humanity. They will be active participants, engaging in experiential exercises to gain a deeper understanding of mental health in themselves and in the people they work with and for.

Course Code: COUN-1018
Department: Centre for Couns/Comm Safety
Course Offerings: