Courses: Training & Facilitation Capstone

Course Details:
In this course learners will have the opportunity to implement and integrate the skills acquired through the other courses in this Associate Certificate in Training & Facilitation. Learners will plan and deliver a training or facilitation session in a collaborative and supportive environment. Day 1 will be a review of best practices and reflection on the learners' experience applying course content in their context. Learners will then have several weeks to design a 30-minute training or facilitation session to be delivered to their peers on Day 2. This session will be followed by written and verbal feedback. Learners will be required to submit a portfolio that includes the training/facilitation plan, coach's comments, peer feedback and a reflection on their development throughout the program to complete the course. This class will make extensive use of peer support and the instructor will be available for one-on-one coaching. Students must be enrolled in the Associate Certificate in Training and Facilitation Program in order to register into this Capstone.

Course Code: INDC-1591
Department: Centre for Leadership
INDC-1110, INDC-1377, and 3 credits from INDC-1211, INDC-1250, or INDC-1302
Course Offerings: