Courses: Marine Industry - Gas Fuelled Vessel - Basic Training

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Marine - Gas Fuelled Vessel- Basic Training is based on the requirements of Transport Canada and is in direct compliance with STCW95 Convention, Chapter V, Regulation A-V/3 & table A-V/3-1. This training is important for mariners to obtain endorsement for their licencing, allowing them to work aboard vessels operating on "Low Flashpoint Fuels" (as per IMO- IGF Code). Through classroom presentations, demonstrations and practical exercises learners will develop a basic understanding of the properties of LNG, both as a flammable liquid and as a gas, as well as practical firefighting skills. Learners will gain theoretical knowledge on the hazards associated with low flashpoint fuels aboard ships; learn procedures needed to operate the vessel's fuel systems; and acquire practical skills for fighting low flashpoint fuel fires and dealing with their accidental release.

Course Code: FIRE-1421
Department: Fire and Safety
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