Courses: Fundamentals Paramedic Care 1

Course Details:
This course will cover three topic areas: the paramedic profession; principles of pharmacology; and core paramedical skills. Firstly, learners will explore the paramedical world: from the roles and responsibilities of a professional paramedic to elements of professional paramedical practice. In the context of teamwork, learners will develop communication skills; apply stress management strategies; practice safe lifting and transferring techniques; and demonstrate the proper use and maintenance of ambulance equipment. Integrated throughout will be the practice of safe and self-protective methodology so critical to a healthy career in paramedicine. Secondly, exploration of the principles of pharmacology and the maintenance of fluid and electrolyte balance and perfusion provide the context for learners as they become proficient in drug administration and intravenous therapy. Thirdly, assessing and managing life- and limb-threatening injuries and conditions are the core skills of paramedical care. In this course, learners will gain the practical skills, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities needed to efficiently identify, assess and manage critical airway, breathing, and circulation issues. Learners will acquire and practice skills using Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) equipment to quickly intervene and manage patients with compromised airways, in respiratory distress and respiratory arrest, and with life-threatening external hemorrhage. Not only are these the core assessment and management skills that save patients lives and limbs, they are also the building blocks for the proficient assessment and management of all medical and trauma patients. Finally, learners will be immersed in professional documentation, record-keeping, and reporting. (PARA200)

Course Code: PARA-1200A
Department: Paramedic Academy
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