Courses: JIBC Fire & Safety Division Evaluator Certification

Course Details:
Fire service professionals will learn the evaluation process, theory of evaluation, certification, and importance of accreditation operational guidelines in order to prepare them to be evaluators in the JIBC Fire & Safety Division. Relevant policies, procedures and guidelines are introduced. Learners will gain the knowledge and skills needed to proctor written exams, mark project-based assessments, and conduct practical skills evaluations in a fair and consistent manner. Note: Successful course completion does not equip evaluators to perform evaluations in every FSD course, program area, or level of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard. The evaluator must possess appropriate subject matter expertise and credentials specific to the evaluations they will be conducting. They must also be approved or hired by the FSD as an instructor or JIBC FSD evaluator.

Course Code: FIRE-1052
Department: Fire and Safety
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