Courses: Contemporary Issues in Sexual Violence P

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This college/university level (3-credit) online course spread over fourteen (14) weeks will provide participants with the theoretical and practical foundation for more specialized education/training in the area of sexual offence prevention and treatment. In this course, students will explore and examine sexual violence from many perspectives - from historical understandings of sexuality to the development and implementation of evidence-based methods in assessment, treatment, and risk management. This course delves into sexual violence as an increasingly social or public health issue and the prevention of sexual violence as one of the greatest challenges facing modern societies. Though this topic generates a variety of responses, most often emotional in nature, this course engages in scientific and social discourse promoting increased knowledge and proficiency in balancing the needs of victims to feel safe, the community to feel secure, and the offenders to have opportunities for treatment and rehabilitation. Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to: Identify current and complex issues in society related to sexual offending Identify victim concerns related to sexual offending Identify different perspectives regarding sexual deviance Demonstrate an understanding of the difficulties in sexual psychodiagnostics Combine actuarial and dynamic assessments into sample risk predictions Describe effective community and correctional interventions for sexual offenders This course is suitable for - Professionals engaged in supervision or assessment of those who have committed sexual offences. Students in a post-secondary institution who have at least a first year introductory knowledge of either psychology or criminology and are interested in learning about issues related to sexual offending. Professionals who work primarily with victims and families affected by sexual offending.

Course Code: CORR-2000
Department: Corrections & Community Justic
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