Courses: Writing Children's Needs Assessments

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This course will provide a general overview of writing children's needs assessments, including "Views of the Child" reports and "Full" reports. There is a focus on section 211 - Orders respecting reports, from the Family Law Act. Investigative, observational and interviewing techniques will be discussed as they relate to assisting the learner in making a recommendation in the "best interest of the children." Participants will learn how to develop a systematic framework for the process of writing both "Views of the Child" and "Full" reports, from the time the report is ordered by the court to the end result of the process. Participants will also become familiar with guidelines for this type of evaluation that are established to regulate the field and to ensure accuracy and fairness in the assessment process. The course will require approximately 35 hours of actual study time to be completed within a ten week time period. (Formerly FAM201)

Course Code: FAMJ-1021
Department: Corrections & Community Justic
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