Courses: Mediated Agreements and Related Court Orders

Course Details:
This online course is intended for family mediators who are working with separating couples and will cover the drafting of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) including the purpose, structure and contents of an agreement. Participants will learn how MOUs relate to other existing court documents. In addition, it will discuss the Agreement to Mediate, and how agreements are formalized and changed. This course is an essential component of working as a family mediator in separation and divorce cases and is designed to meet Family Mediation Canada Standards for certification. Please note that the course will not deal with the division of property or making a formal agreement. The course will require approximately seven hours of actual study time to be completed within a two week time period. (Formerly FAM184;FAM115)

Course Code: FAMJ-1008
Department: Corrections & Community Justic
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