Courses: Effects of Separation and Divorce On Children

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The purpose of this online course is to examine the research literature on the effects of separation and divorce on children. The course will look at how factors such as parental conflict affect children's adjustment. Appropriate living arrangements and visitation schedules for children will be explored. Participants will be guided through the actions that need to be taken in cases where abuse is present. Participants will learn how, as a counsellor and/or mediator, they can work more effectively with parents as they make a parenting plan and meet challenges they may experience with their children. This course is a companion to Effects of Separation and Divorce on Adults - FAM181. The course will require approximately 21 hours of actual study time to be completed within a six week period. (Formerly FAM182;FAM104)

Course Code: FAMJ-1006
Department: Corrections & Community Justic
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