Courses: Assessment: Conflict Resolution Specialization in Negotiation

Course Details:
To receive your Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Specialization in Negotiation, you must successfully complete this assessment. The assessment consists of a written self-evaluation, a written preparation for the negotiation assessment to be role-played, a 55 min role-playing simulation with the participant acting as the negotiator, and an oral questioning period during which the participant is asked to identify key concepts of the program as they relate to the roleplay. You can do your assessment on a mail-in basis or at the JIBC New Westminster. Note: You cannot register for your assessment until successfully completing Negotiation Skills Level II (CRES-1270), and you must be enrolled as a Negotiation Certificate student. You may do your assessment after completing CRES-1270 even if you have not finished all of your elective hours.

Course Code: CRES-1561
Department: Centre for Conflict Resolution
CRES-1270, and CRES-1150 or CRES-1152
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