Courses: Search and Rescue Management Level 1

Course Details:
Learn how to safely and effectively manage the most common search and rescue operations in British Columbia. As an experienced Search and Rescue (SAR) responder, gain the knowledge and skills necessary to fill the SAR Manager's position during a basic search and/or rescue operation. The course focuses on the skills necessary to fulfill the SAR Manager's responsibilities before, during and after a basic, single operational period response as well as the structures and resources in place to support this role. Topics covered include leadership and management skills, preplans, risk assessment and the specifics of managing a search and rescue operation. Given an opportunity to integrate the knowledge through practice exercises, participants will gain the confidence to use their newly acquired skills to effectively manage basic search and/or rescue operations. This course will be of particular interest to SAR volunteers with a minimum of 2-3 years of task experience who have been asked by their SAR Group's executive to take on a management role during operations.

Course Code: EMRG-1783
Department: Emergency Management
Complete EMRG-1220 and EMRG-1700
Course Offerings: