Courses: Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)

Course Details:
The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course offers an introduction to healthcare education for those intending to apply to the Primary Care Paramedic program or challenge provincial licensing examinations to seek employment. The EMR curriculum contains foundational education in anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology. Current best practices in trauma life-support and treatment guidelines form an experiential learning experience. This course is led by skilled paramedic field-practitioners focusing on the development of the learner to attain core-competencies as defined by the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC). Optional EMR Word Press Online Resource will provide the students with an opportunity to study the EMR Modules, Lessons and Skill Videos and also complete quizzes prior to coming into the EMR Class. Provincially-licensed EMR graduates are employed within areas including: ambulance services; fire departments; industrial projects; life guarding and ski-patrol. Minimum age; 16 years.

Course Code: PARA-1050
Department: Paramedic Academy
Course Offerings: