Courses: Assessment: Certificate Applied Leadership

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The Assessment: Certificate in Applied Leadership is a mail-in assessment. Enroll in this assessment when you have completed all required courses and your portfolio is ready to submit for marking; it is recommended that you begin work on your portfolio in LEAD-1100 Lead Yourself First. You must be enrolled in the CAL certificate program before submitting this assessment. Certificate enrolment forms are found on the Certificate for Applied Leadership webpage under the heading "Enrolment Process". Required courses include LEAD-1100, LEAD-1101, LEAD-1102, LEAD-1103, LEAD-1504, and CRES-1100 or CRES-1101 plus two electives, which need to be completed prior to enrollment. Submit your completed portfolio to with your full name, contact information and "CAL Final Assessment" in the subject line.

Course Code: LEAD-1559
Department: Centre for Leadership
LEAD-1504, and CRES-1100 or CRES-1101
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